Send Message on a Google Form Submit

How do I automatically send a WhatsApp message on a Google Form submit?

This article describes how to setup WhatsApp message responses so that a WhatsApp notification will be sent each time a new row is inserted into a Google Sheet containing Google Forms responses, i.e. on future Google Form Submits.

Step 1

From your Google Form response sheet, start the Walution add-on by clicking on Extensions > Walution > Start.

This will open the Walution sidebar.

NOTE: In order for messages to be sent automatically on a Google Form submit, it is important that one of the fields on your Google Form is the phone number of the recipient, and that this is set as Required as in the screenshot below.

Step 2

From the Sheet drop-down, select the sheet containing your Google Forms responses.

Step 3

From the WhatsApp Number drop-down, select the column containing the recipients' phone numbers.

All cells in this column must have a valid phone number (except the column name of course). For information on formatting phone numbers, please refer to this article.

Step 4

Write your WhatsApp message.

Step 5

Add personalized fields to your WhatsApp message by clicking in the desired location within the message template, selecting a field from the Add Personalized Field to Message drop-down and then clicking on Add.

Repeat this step for all required personalized fields.

Personalized fields are the column names found in the first row of data in your Google Sheet, i.e. the questions from your Google Form. You can further customize your WhatsApp message by formatting the message text, and adding attachments.

Step 6

Click on Auto Send.

This will open the Send Messages Automatically dialog box.

Step 7

From the Send a Message on a Google Form Submit drop-down, select Automatically send a message.

NOTE: You will only be able to select Automatically send a message from the On a Google Form Submit drop-down if you selected a sheet containing Google Form responses in Step 1.

Step 8

Click on Save to apply the changes.

Step 9

Once you have configured auto send, you have two options:

A. Send Messages: This will activate automatic WhatsApp messages. Future Google Form submits will now receive an automatic WhatsApp message in response.

B. Send Test: This will give you a good idea of how your WhatsApp message will appear to recipients, before activating automatic WhatsApp messages. It will send a test message based on the first row of data in your sheet (that is row 2 since row 1 only contains column names).

Select one of the options above.

NOTE: Your message template will only be saved when you click on Send Messages or Send Test.

Deactivate Automatic Messages

To deactivate automatic WhatsApp messages, click on Auto Send on the Walution sidebar.

In the Send Messages Automatically dialog box, select Do nothing from the Send a Message on a Google Form Submit drop-down, and then click on Save to apply changes.