Change Phone Number

How do I change my WhatsApp number?

This article describes how to change your WhatsApp number when you have two or more numbers from which you wish to send messages. This can also be used if your phone number is blocked.

Step 1

In Google Sheets, click Extensions > WhatsApp Sender > Setup your phone.

This will open the Phone Setup dialog box.

Step 2

Click Change Number.

Your existing phone number will be disconnected from WhatsApp Sender.

Step 3

Click Connect.

A QR code will appear.

Step 4

Open the WhatsApp app on your phone and tap the Menu icon (three dots).

Step 5

Tap Linked Devices.

Step 6

Tap Link a Device.

Step 7

Using the WhatsApp app on your phone, scan the QR code displayed in Google Sheets.

Step 8

After a minute, click Refresh Status in Google Sheets.

This will update the Connection and Phone fields to reflect the connection to your new phone number.

When successfully connected, you will see the following (see the screenshots below):

  • In Google Sheets, Connected will be displayed in the Connection field.

  • In the WhatsApp app on your phone, Active will be displayed below the connection name.