Privacy Policy

Our customers' privacy is taken seriously. The data processed by the add-on is NOT stored or transmitted to anyone for analysis. Not even by Quicklution. Your data stays with Google.

The add-on however requires the following permissions for it to operate:

  1. View and manage your sheets in Google Drive. This permission is required so that the add-on can send bulk WhatsApp messages. Basically a message for each row in your sheet is sent. Through the add-on you need to select which column in your sheet contains the WhatsApp phone number. You can also personalize each message by entering merge fields into it. The merge fields are made up of headers from your sheet which consists of the first row within your sheet. When you hit the 'Send Messages' button the add-on will go through all your records to merge the data in your message and send the message it self. Please note that the data in your sheet is NOT stored or share with anyone for analysis or marketing.

  2. Connect to an external service. This permission is required to connect with WhatsApp in order to send messages. It is also required to be able to log errors encountered by users. This will help us rectify any issues in the system. It will also log general app usage so we would be able to know which features are being used. However no personal or confidential data is stored or shared.

  3. View and manage the files in your Google Drive. This permission is required to create a folder in which WhatsApp attachments are stored. This folder and its files are shared so that users sharing the same Google Sheet will have access to the attachments. No other files are read or deleted from your Google Drive.

  4. Allow this application to run when you are not present. This permission is required to be able to send new messages in the background every hour.

Privacy Policy