Conditional Personalized Fields

How do I create personalized fields that are conditional upon the content of other fields?

This article describes how to create conditional personalized fields when the content of a new personalized field is automatically determined by filtering an existing personalized field.

Step 1

In Google Sheets, create a new column for the conditional personalized field.

Step 2

Enter the conditional logic formula in the first cell of the new column.

Step 3

Apply the conditional logic formula to the rest of the cells in the column by dragging the first cell downward from the bottom-right corner.

In the example below, for each row conditional formatting is used to determine the person's title, depending on their gender. The new column is therefore called Title and the conditional logic formula states that if the gender in cell B2 is M, then enter Mr in cell C2, otherwise enter Ms.

Step 4

In your WhatsApp message template, insert the conditional personalized field into your template as you would for any other personalized field.

In the example below, *|Title|* and *|Name|* are inserted next to each other with a space between.