Message Attachments

Can I add attachments to my bulk personalized WhatsApp messages?

This article describes how to add attachments to your bulk personalized WhatsApp messages.

Step 1

From the WhatsApp Sender sidebar, click Attachments.

This will open the Attachments dialog box.

Step 2

Click Browse and select a file to attach to your WhatsApp message.

Supported file types include documents, photos, videos and audio files etc.

Step 3

Add text to accompany your WhatsApp message in the Comment field.

As with any WhatsApp message, this will only be received by the recipient with photo and video attachments (i.e. not document and audio file attachments).

Step 4

Click Add Attachment to add another attachment to your WhatsApp message.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each additional attachment.

Step 5

Click Save to apply changes.

The screenshot below shows how your message and attachment will appear in WhatsApp (shown in WhatsApp Web).

NOTE: There is a bug that can occur when WhatsApp Web is closed and opened again, or if the page is refreshed, following attachments being sent. Instead of the attachment showing as in the screenshot below, a blank message is shown. This bug only affects the sender's view of the attachment - the attachment appears normally for the recipient. This bug only applies to WhatsApp Web - it does not affect the WhatsApp for Android and iOS and does not affect WhatsApp for Windows and Mac.