Message Attachments

Can attachments be added to bulk personalized WhatsApp messages?

This article describes how to add attachments to your bulk personalized WhatsApp messages.

Step 1

In the Sheet dialog box, click on Attachments to open the Attachments dialog box.

Step 2

Click on Browse and select a file to attach to your WhatsApp message.

Supported file types include documents, photos, videos, and audio files etc.

Step 3

Optionally you can add text to accompany your WhatsApp message in the Comment field.

As with any WhatsApp message, a comment is only sent with photo and video attachments (not document and audio file attachments etc.).

Step 4

Click on Add Attachment to add another attachment to your WhatsApp message.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each additional attachment.

Step 5

Click on Save & Close.

Finally, click on Save in the Sheet dialog box to apply the changes. 

The screenshot below displays how your message and attachment appear in WhatsApp (shown in WhatsApp Web).

NOTE: After an attachment is sent, a bug may occur when WhatsApp Web is closed and opened again, or if the page is refreshed. Instead of an attachment being displayed as in the screenshot below, a blank message is displayed. This bug only affects the sender's view not the recipient's view of the attachment. This bug only applies to WhatsApp Web; it does not affect WhatsApp for Android and iOS, and does not affect WhatsApp for Windows and Mac.