Message History

How do I view my message history in Walution?

This article describes how to search, view, and filter your message history in Walution, by using parameters such as the receiver's mobile number and message status

Step 1

From the Walution sidebar, click on History to open the Search History dialog box.

Step 2

Enter your search parameters using the following options:

  • Receiver Mobile Number - the phone number your message was sent to

  • Status - the status of your message - queued or sent

Click on Search.

Your search results will display the following information:

  • Receiver's mobile number

  • Message type - chat or media

  • Message contents - the full contents of a message can be viewed by hovering the mouse cursor over the message's contents

  • Message date and time sent

  • Message status - queued or sent

If you wish to conduct a new search, click on Clear Filter to remove your existing search parameters.