Multiple Google Account Errors

What to do if error messages are displayed, related to the use of multiple Google accounts within the same web browser?

This article describes how to manage error messages resulting from the use of multiple Google accounts within the same web browser.


An error message may be received when messages are being sent using Walution add-on, and when two or more Google accounts are used within the same web browser. The following are examples of error messages that could be received:

For example, Tom checks personal Gmail ( on one tab, and then Tom accesses his work Google Drive ( on another tab. In both cases, Tom is using the same web browser. 

This is a documented Google bug

Temporary work-around

Load the web browser in Incognito/InPrivate mode by pressing on Ctrl+Shift+N.

Open the Google sheet that is going to be used to send messages, and log in with your licensed Google account.

NOTE: The Walution extension needs to be enabled to work in incognito mode. To enable the extension in incognito mode, click on Extensions (jigsaw piece) > More actions (three dots) for Walution > Manage extension. Drag the toggle switch under Allow in Incognito to the right until it turns blue (see the screenshots below).


Permanent solution

In Google Chrome, create Chrome profile for each Google account to avoid the use of a single shared Chrome profile.

In the example above, Tom could avoid the error messages by creating a:

This solution allows Tom to avoid the use of multiple Google accounts within the same Chrome profile.