Phone Number Format

Do phone numbers need to be entered in Google sheet in a specific format?

This article describes how to format phone numbers entered in a Google sheet.

Phone numbers can be entered in Google sheet in different formats. Common characters found in phone numbers are automatically removed by Walution add-on before sending messages. Such characters include dashes, brackets, and spaces.

The example phone number formats below are accepted for US phone numbers:

It is generally good practice to include the country code (starting with a + sign) when entering phone numbers in a Google sheet to avoid ambiguity. Especially if the recepients are from different countries.

When a phone number is entered in Google Sheets without a country code, the default country code is used.

The default country code is set in Extensions > Walution > Default Country Code.

In the Default Country Code dialog box, select the desired country from the Country Code drop-down menu, then click on Save.