Formatting Phone Numbers 

Do phone numbers need to be entered in a specific format in Google Sheets?

This article describes examples of how to format phone numbers entered in Google Sheets.

Phone numbers can be entered in a Google sheet in different formats. Common characters (e.g., hyphens, brackets, and spaces) found in phone numbers are automatically removed by Walution add-on before sending messages. 

The below examples are accepted for phone numbers in the United States of America:

When a phone number is entered in a Google sheet without a country code, then the default country code is applied.

Set up default country code

Step 1: Click Default Country Code

Click on Extensions > Walution > Default Country Code to open the Default Country Code dialog box.

Step 2: Select default country code

In the Default Country Code dialog box, select the desired country from the Country Code drop-down menu, and then click on Save.

Send messages to recipients in other countries

If messages need to be sent to recipients in countries other than the default country, the country code needs to be specified with the phone number. The country code needs to start with an apostrophe and a + sign.

The screenshot below shows two types of phone numbers: