Phone Number Format

Do phone numbers need to be entered in a Google Sheet in a specific format?

This article describes how to format the phone numbers entered in a Google Sheet.

Phone numbers can be entered in a Google Sheet in different formats. Common characters found in phone numbers are automatically removed by Walution before sending messages. Such characters include dashes, brackets, and spaces.

The example phone number formats below are accepted for US phone numbers:

  • +15162652941

  • +1-718-799-3725

  • (876) 3733376

  • 6314242678

  • 16314245599

It is generally good practice to include the country code (starting with a + sign) when entering phone numbers in a Google Sheet to avoid ambiguity. Especially if the recepients are from different countries.

When a phone number is entered in Google Sheets without a country code, the default country code is used.

The default country code is set by clicking on Extensions > Walution > Default Country Code.

In the Default Country Code dialog box, select the desired country from the Country Code drop-down, then click on Save.