Stop Tab Discards

How do I stop Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge auto-discarding the WhatsApp Web tab?

This article describes how to stop Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge auto-discarding tabs. This feature puts tabs that haven't been used for a while to sleep to save system memory, but discarding the WhatsApp Web tab while WhatsApp Sender is sending messages will result in an interruption to the service.

Step 1

In Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, type about://discards in the address bar and press Enter.

This will open the Discards page - chrome://discards in Chrome and edge://discards in Edge.

Step 2

Locate WhatsApp in the Tab Title or Tab URL column and then click the Toggle button in the Auto Discardable column.

An X will appear in the Auto Discardable column for WhatsApp Web.

This will prevent your browser auto-discarding the WhatsApp Web tab and therefore ensure that the sending of your WhatsApp messages is not disrupted.

NOTE: This setting only applies as long as the WhatsApp Web tab remains open. If you close the tab, close your web browser or restart your computer, you will have to disable the auto-discard feature again. For a more long-term solution, there are a number of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store that prevent auto-discarding.