Send Google Form Link in WhatsApp

How to share Google form link in WhatsApp?

This article describes how to send or share the Google form link in WhatsApp using Walution add-on. 

Step 1: Create Google form

Create Google Form, and then click on Send.

Step 2: Copy link of Google form

Click the link icon, and then click on Shorten URL.

Click on Copy to copy the link of the Google form.

Step 3: Create contact list and start Walution add-on

Create a contact list containing the Name and Phone numbers of the customers.

Install Walution add-on, if it is not already installed.

Start Walution add-on by clicking on Extensions > Walution > Start to open the Sheet dialog box.

A new column called Message Status is automatically created. 

Step 4: Select Phone column and type WhatsApp message

From the WhatsApp Number drop-down menu, select the column containing the Phone numbers of the customers. The phone numbers must be valid; for formatting the phone numbers, refer to this article.

Type the personalized WhatsApp message and paste the link of the Google form.  

Step 5: Send Messages

Click on Send Messages to send the personalized WhatsApp messages and share the Google form link with the customers. 

NOTE: The empty cells in the Message Status column are populated with the date/time when the WhatsApp messages are sent. To send messages for these rows again, the date/time values need to be deleted. For more information on filtering and tracking rows, refer to this article.