Setup Your Phone

How do I setup my phone for use with the Walution add-on?

This article describes how to setup your phone for use with the Walution add-on.

Step 1

Click on Extensions > Walution > Setup your phone to open the Setup Your WhatsApp Phone Number dialog box.

Step 2

Click on the link Walution to open the chrome web store page for the Walution extension.


Step 3

Click on Add to Chrome to open a dialog box listing the permissions required by the extension.

Step 4

Click on Add Extension to install the Walution extension. 

Step 5

Once installed, click on Extensions (jigsaw piece) > Walution in the web browser to open the Enter Google Account dialog box.

NOTE: For convenience, the pin icon can be clicked (blue arrow in the screenshot) to pin the Walution extension for later easy access.

Step 6

Enter the Google account email address that is going to be used with the Walution add-on. Then click on Verify to connect and fully configure the extension to your Walution account. 

Step 7

Return to the Walution add-on in Google Sheets, and open the WhatsApp Web by clicking on the WhatsApp Web link.

If you have used WhatsApp Web previously and are currently connected, the WhatsApp Web will load and the Walution extension automatically connects to the WhatsApp Web. If not, continue with the steps below.

NOTE: The WhatsApp Web must remain open while using the Walution add-on.

Step 8

Open the WhatsApp app on your cell phone, and then tap on the Menu (three dots) to open the WhatsApp menu.

Step 9

Tap on Linked devices to open the Linked Devices screen.

Step 10

Tap on Link a Device to open the Scan QR Code screen.

Step 11

Scan the QR code displayed in the WhatsApp Web to connect the WhatsApp Web to your WhatsApp account. 

The WhatsApp Web will load and the Walution extension automatically connects to the WhatsApp Web and your WhatsApp account.

Now it is possible to send bulk messages using the Walution add-on.

To change the phone number linked to the Walution add-on, please refer to this article.