Avoid Blocked Number

How to avoid my WhatsApp number being blocked?

This article describes how Walution can help you to avoid your phone number being associated with a spammer, which could result in your phone number being blocked by WhatsApp.

Personalized messages

Use *|merge fields|* in your messages to make sure that each message is unique and personalized to the recipient. This helps WhatsApp to associate your phone number with a real individual acting on behalf of a real business, rather than with a spammer.

Send rate

Walution sends your messages at a maximum rate of 5 messages per minute. If you send 100 messages, for example, they become queued in our system, and sent at a rate of several messages every minute. This send rate of several messages every minute reduces the chances of your phone number being associated with a spammer.

NOTE: WhatsApp has its own algorithm to detect whether a phone number is being used to send spam messages. Walution does not have any control over this algorithm. If your phone number becomes blocked, you can change your phone number and continue to use your existing Walution subscription.