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The easiest and best way to send personalized WhatsApp messages to your contacts.

Use the data in your Google Sheet to personalize bulk WhatsApp messages. Ideal for notifications such as appointment reminders, cancellations, alerts, updates, FYI messages, marketing and so on.

Free and quick support offered 24/7.

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Watch this quick tutorial or follow step-by-step instructions to find out how to send bulk personalized WhatsApp messages from a Google Sheet.

Product Features

The Best Google Sheets Add-on for Bulk Personalized WhatsApp Messages

  • No sign-up required

  • Free from advertising or watermarks

  • Send online, anytime - no need to download software, apps or programs

  • Use any operating system - Chrome, Mac, Windows, Linux etc.

  • Use your favorite web browser - Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera etc.

  • Send to all platforms - Apple iOS, Google Android etc.

  • Simple user interface - send messages from start to finish within Google Sheets

  • Ideal for a wide range of business functions - appointment reminders, cancellations, alerts, updates, FYI messages, marketing etc.

  • Free 24/7 support including remote help using Zoom or Google Meet

Some of Our Awesome WhatsApp Sender Features

  • Send WhatsApp messages directly from your own phone number, and therefore receive replies directly

  • Send WhatsApp messages without adding phone numbers to your contacts

  • Personalize your WhatsApp messages to send a unique message to each recipient

  • Add attachments to your WhatsApp messages

  • Send WhatsApp messages automatically

  • Send WhatsApp messages on a Google Form submit

  • Send a test message to get a good idea of how your WhatsApp message will look, before sending messages in bulk

  • Filter which rows will be merged

  • Track which rows have been merged

  • View, search and filter sent WhatsApp messages

  • No generic phone numbers used to send messages

  • No limit on how many messages you can send

  • No limit on how many personalized fields you can include